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Step by Step Guide to File ITR 4 Form Online for AY 2024-25

ITR 4 Sugam Form for AY 2020-21

What is the ITR 4 Sugam Form?

ITR stands for Income Tax Return and ITR 4 Sugam Form is for the taxpayers who are filing return under the presumptive income scheme in Section 44AD, Section 44ADA and Section 44AE of the Income Tax (IT) Act. If the turnover of the aforementioned business becomes more than Rs 2 crores then the taxpayer can’t file ITR-4.

Latest Update in ITR 4 Form

  • The latest version of the Excel utility and JSON Schema for ITR-4 form are now available. Download Now
  • CBDT has released a new schema for e-filing of ITR 4 form for residents, HUFs, and firms (other than LLPs) with a total income of up to Rs 50 lakh, as well as income from business and professions under sections 44ADA, 44AD, and 44AE, and agricultural income up to Rs. 5 thousand. Click to Download JSON File
  • ITR-4 form for AY 2023-24 is now available on the official website.

Who can File the ITR 4 Sugam Form?

ITR 4 Sugam form can be filed by the individuals / HUFs / partnership firm(other than LLP) being a resident if:-

  • Total income does not exceed Rs. 50 lakh.
  • Assessee having business and profession income under section 44AD,44AE or ADA or or having interest income,family pension etc.
  • Having agricultural income upto Rs 5,000/-
  • Have single House property.

It must be noted that the freelancers involved in the above-mentioned profession can also choose this scheme only if their gross receipts are not more than Rs 50 lakhs.

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    Who can’t File the ITR 4 Form for AY 2024-25?

    A person whose income from salary or house property or other sources is more than Rs 50 lakh cannot file ITR 4 Form for AY 2024-25. A person who is a director in a company or has invested in the unlisted equity shares or has any brought forward/ carry forward loss under house property income cannot file the ITR 4 for AY 2024-25.

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    Due Date for Filing ITR 4 Sugam Form for FY 2023-24 & AY 2024-25

    • FY 2023-24 (AY 2024-25) – 31st July 2024
    • FY 2022-23 (AY 2023-24) – 31st July 2023
    • FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23) – 31st July 2022

    Guide to File Income Tax Return (ITR) 4 Sugam Online:

    PART A: General Information

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part A

    Part B: Gross Total Income

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part B

    Part C: Deductions and Taxable Total Income

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part C

    Part D: Tax Computations and Tax Status

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part D

    Schedule BP:  Details of Income From Business or Profession Computation of Presumptive Business Income Under Section 44ad

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Schedule BP E1 & E2

    Computation of Presumptive Income From Professions Under Section 44ada:

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Schedule BP E3 & E4

    Computation of Presumptive Income From Goods Carriages Under Section 44ae:

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Schedule BP E5 & E9

    Information Regarding Turnover/gross Receipt Reported for GST

    ITR Form 4 Part GST

    Financial Particular of The Business

    ITR 4 Financial Particular of The Business

    Schedule IT: Details of Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax Payments

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part Schedule IT

    Schedule TCS: Details of Tax Collected at Source [As per Form 27D issued by the Collector(s)]

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part Schedule TCS

    Schedule TDS1: Details of Tax Deducted at Source From Salary [as Per Form 16 Issued by Employer(S)]

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part TDS1

    Schedule TDS2: Details of Tax Deducted at Source on Income Other Than Salary [as Per Form 16 an Issued or Form 16c Furnished by Deductor(S)]

    ITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part TDS2

    VerificationITR Form 4 AY 2020-21 Part Verification

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    ITR 4 Online User Manual Guide


    Disclaimer:- "All the information given is from credible and authentic resources and has been published after moderation. Any change in detail or information other than fact must be considered a human error. The blog we write is to provide updated information. You can raise any query on matters related to blog content. Also, note that we don’t provide any type of consultancy so we are sorry for being unable to reply to consultancy queries. Also, we do mention that our replies are solely on a practical basis and we advise you to cross verify with professional authorities for a fact check."

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    27 thoughts on "Step by Step Guide to File ITR 4 Form Online for AY 2024-25"

    1. How to file a partnership firm’s ITR using Genius Software, whose balance sheet has been filed through Genius software. Please do tell the entire procedure as I am real confused.

    2. ‘Date of filing of Original ITR” or “Ack number” in part A Gen is not matching with the Original ITR Date / Acknowledgement number in efiling Database
      Please enter proper “Date of filing of Original ITR” or “Ack number” in part A ) Showing this error while i am uploading
      Updated return.

    3. Hi,
      I am an individual and working as Technical consultant for a company which makes payment for my services under 194JB. I also receive pension from PSU Bank. Both income is well under Rs. 15 lakhs/ year. Which ITR Form I need to file my IT Retirn?

    4. Sir,
      My company is paying me Rs 1 lakh per month as a professional fee, not as salary, and not deducting PF etc. They have given me Form 16A and showing the income paid is under 194JB.
      Which ITR do I file?
      Thank you

    5. Please, we can’t furnished ITR 2, When we could furnish ITR 3, your customer care no is not satisfied us regarding the problem your bogus activities such as the previously furnished return of deceased person by his legal heir, the return had processed and refund raised but you send mail to assessee deceased Pan is not linked with bank .your activities is ridiculous, How deceased Pan would link with her legal heir a/c.?

    6. My friend working as a photographer and doing editing jobs under one photoshop. For that work received salary on a monthly basis(Pls note there is no PF deductions and Salary slip for that). In addition to that, he personally going to wedding parties and other functions as a photographer and received an amount under his name. Kindly suggest under which ITR he needs to file ITR 1 or ITR 4…Please reply

    7. If contactor base employee to form 16a, ITR 4 to applicable but financial particular of busiess in complesory, please advice. only single line income. no other income.

    8. Which ITR form should I file if having presumptive income from business turnover less than 50 lakhs and losses on capital gains to be carried forward and brought forward from previous years.

    9. I had a salary income up to 6th mar-2020. And income as a consultant for the rest of march-2020 due to job resignation. Can I file form ITR-1 and ITR-4 both? for AY 2020-21.

    10. Sir, I have no sales for the year 2019-20, So, I filed Nil GST return, Hw can I filed an income tax return for the A.Y. 2020-21

    11. Hi Vineeta:

      I work as an information security consultant and don’t work as salaried. I have no other earning and this year earning is not more than 3 lakhs


      Which ITR I would fill and which section I have to fill as I don’t have any other income this year?

      There was a TDS deduction when I got paid from the company where I work as a consultant which I have to claim?
      thank you in anticipation!!

    12. hi,

      I am a salaried person working in PVT ltd firm, also I have my proprietary company, so do I need to file ITR4? or I need to file ITR1?

      pls suggest

        1. I am a small business like catering and canteen, want to file ITR by own, need to know how to compute all details like capital, unsecured loans, etc

    13. I.t.assess limit of cash on hand maximum at the end of the financial year (March) for the trading firm and the individual person.

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